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Patrick Schober
Patrick Schober
Patrick Schober
Patrick Schober
Patrick Schober
Patrick Schober
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You can find these and other videos also on my Youtube Cannel.

Season Summary 2023

Formula 4 donuts in Bucharest at 3 am for a commercial.

Season Summary 2022


EuroNASCAR test 2021

Season Summary 2021

Season Summary 2020

A great and succesfull race at Red Bull Ring 2020

From P17 to P3 in one Lap at Slovakia Ring 2020

Dad's Start at Ravenol Endurance race at Slovakia Ring 2020

Season Summary 2019.

Compilation of the best scenes by onboard cam.
Since you can see how much fun Patrick Schober has had at the Red Bull Ring.
In the fight with vehicles of the stronger classes.

My first race in the rain.
The video starts at the end of lap 1.
On lap 2 I overtake an FR and approach the leader in the Formula 4 class.
On the start / finish straight already directly behind him but not least by the stranded in curve 1 cars unfortunately Safetycar and then red flag.
Pity, it would have been an interesting encounter in the fight for P1

I already had a super qualifying time but wanted to be even faster in the last lap. Go well until the last corner,.... 

I was overtaken by a Formula 1 and then, ...

From Austrian Television to the death of Niki Lauda and the race at Salzburgring. You can see me from min 2:04. PSrace.TV

Summary of race 1 Salzburgring

My last salute to Niki Lauda At SalzburgRing I had the opportunity to go on a lap of honor for Niki Lauda with a black flag in my hand. I truly felt honored and privileged and it was my way of saying goodbye to my idol, a legend I often saw but never was lucky enough to meet in person. Servus Niki - Farewell Niki! 

Summary of race 1 Brno

Summary of race 2 Brno

Season Summary 2018.

A very nice overtaking maneuver at the Histo Cup on the Salzburgring.
I just had a perfect exit from the paddock-chicane.

My first Grand Prix start in a Formula racing car at the GP of Slovakia 2018.

This is a lap at Trencin airport.

The second race in my first race event in a Formula racing car.
I was able to outperform my direct competitor in the same type of car in the same class! I was very happy!

Strange incidents during training sessions. Apparently, this pilot was somewhat overwhelmed and slowed down instead of speeding up.
Lucky guy, could have gone wrong …

Season Summary 2017.

A really great experience.
I represented Slovakia at the Rotax Grand Finals 2017 in Portimao / Portugal.

I always enjoyed returning to Senica airport in my Formula Koenig.

Airport Prerov / CZ saw me in the Dallara Formula ADAC Masters fort he first time.

Senica airport was also my premiere in the KTM X-Bow.

Season Summary 2015.

Reckless driving causses my crash during training for the European Championships in Bruck. Unfortunately, I was unable to start in the race because of my injuries.

My first time in a formula racing car an I was only 10 years old!


Sometimes thinks do not turn out the way you want to. Especialy when they stab you in the back.

Micro Max is highly accident prone. In this case I was literaly shoved into my compeditor´s car.

I was only 9 years old when I steered this (track day) Porsche with my father in the passenger seat.

This Porsche was a special version equipped with a break pedal for the coach.

The Kids Kart racing course in Bruck 2013. I won the final race.

In Senica I finaly steered the 300 hp Mustang GT. Thanks dad.

This is Graz 2013. I was in my early days and learned the hard way that limits have to be respected. Already at the start I was taken down by another pilot.

Fun time.

That's how it started - I was 4 years old.

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